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2007 Motorbike

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TSD continue supporting scooter racing in Taiwan, one of the fastest growing motorsport.

The racing scooters feature full high compression air-cooled engine with CVT system.  Both air-cooled engine and CVT components are treated with TSD for greater cooling power and reliability improvement.

The lubrication also featured TSD Oil additive or full TSD Motoroil for superb lubrication management with thermal stability and power increase.

TSD thermal and lubrication products have been rated #1 for the racing scooter teams.


Taiwan Scooter Racing (2007~2006)



1.  Full CVT components with TSD

2.  TSD support team support racing teams with thermal issues at the race event




A fully TSD coated racing engine ready to race.




TSD support at Taiwan Scooter Racing Events





TSD setup supporting booth at racing events.  The supporting booth display all scooter components that incorporated TSD.


TSD also provided engineers at the event for assisting teams with thermal and lubrication issues.