Tech Support
TSD Sam Sport offers exceptional 1.8L and 1.9L engine upgrade for all Suzuki vehicles.  The simple upgrade is through a new sleeved design with 85mm and 86mm bore for larger engine displacement and greater horse power and torque increase.
The new engine kit brings the power to the next level.  Unlike under-powered M15A, M16A (sport), and M18A engine, the TSD engine kit brings happy motoring.
1.8L & 1.9L upgrade for:  Swift 1.3L, 1.5L, 1.6L   |   1.6L   |   SX4   |   Solio

Basic Engine Kit parts includes:

1. Engine block 85mm or 86mm bore
2. Engine block coated with TSD Coating
3. Set of 4 high performance TSD Sam      Sport piston set with TSD ceramic coating
4. High performance TSD Sam Sport engine head gasket
Stage 1 (optional) - Exhaust header

Custom bore size for optimal power gain meeting the 1.8L & 1.9L output.  The exhaust header is special coated with TSD BN ceramic for outstanding performance and great finishes.  This is the first item recommended for 1st upgrade.
Stage 2 (optional) - Fueling

Larger injectors' output with pre-programmed fueling map ensure the engine operating at good power throughout any RPM ranges.  It's essential for power hungry seeker and road warriors.
Oil Cooler kit (optional)

High performance engine required engine oil for maximum lubrication.  TSD Oil Cooler kit provides maximum cooling with 16" length in slim design with TSD thermal coating.  The design fit perfect for both Swift 1.5L and 1.6L.
Connecting rods (optional M16A sport only)

The Swift M16A sport comes with beefy connecting rods from the factory.  However, we found additional improvements for durability in track/racing environment.  Pick a set of modified connecting rods with TSD engine kit.
Digital Fan Controller (optional)

The stock Suzuki vehicle designed to have radiator fan operate at 97C.  The Digital Fan Controller allows to fan to operate high speed at 70~100C at your finger touch.  If you live in hot climates or use your vehicle for motorsport, pick one up.
Head gasket (repair)

If you ever required to dissemble the engine, remember to pick up a new head gasket.
Piston 86mm or 85mm (repair)

If you ever required to dissemble the engine, remember to pick up a new set of TSD ceramic coated piston.
Engine thermal coating

Greater improves engine cooling is essential for better performance and reliability.  Apply TSD thermal coating onto cylinder head, valve cover, intake manifold, radiator, and AC condenser while the engine already off the vehicle.