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Car Information TV Show
Akane Soma (formal Japan Race Queen) & Mr. Wa
TSD BN Thermal Coating (red) Suzuki Intercooler Dyno
Taiwan Cable Super TV Channel 33 on 11/19/2006

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November 5, 2006, the Car Information Automotive Program (Super TV Channel 33) challenged TSD a live product testing.  "Car Information" program reports the true information of automotive technology that made available for the automotive industry and consumers.

Mr. Wa (actor) challenge the effectiveness of TSD thermal coating on intercooler.  The arrangement was made with a modified Turbo Suzuki Swift and compare the dyno result against the intercooler before and after with TSD thermal coating treatment.  The Maha Dyno equipment was selected for most accurate test control hardware.

Final Result:  2.2 bhp & 14 Nm torque (7%) increased with TSD Thermal coating treatment onto Suzuki Swift intercooler.