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TSD Boron Nitride product series provides ultimate thermal solutions to all applications from consumer 3C, semiconductors to automotives.  With continuously innovation and leading technology, TSD brings the corporation into next generation.


Boron Nitride Product Series


TSD provides complete BN product series, from automotive/motorbike, electronic, aviation, cosmetic industry thermal solutions.


Boron Nitride have superb thermal conductivity, chemically inert, withstand high temperature (up to 1800), oxidation resistance and many more unique prosperities.  A graphite like power that we called hexagonal Boron Nitride that are shaped in six sides with plate shape.  Color only in white.


How to purchase


Boron Nitride Powder

Boron Nitride Thermal Coating

Boron Nitride Motor Oil

Boron Nitride Oil Additive

Boron Nitride High Temp. Fireproof Grease

Boron Nitride Thermal Grease

Boron Nitride Thermal pad

Hot Press BN Solids

Boron Nitride Cosmetic Powder

Other Boron Nitride Products


Leading Technology Worldwide


TSD have the leading R&D technology, combine with flexible marketing strategies, TSD products are quickly reaching the hands of consumers and industries that providing user friendly interface.


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TSD BN Coating for Automotive application


TSD BN Coating for Motorbike application





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