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TSD provides complete BN product series and services for transportation applications.


Boron Nitride Thermal Coating

High thermal conductivity, increase air-to-surface contact areas, applicable on engine system (engine block, cylinder head, valve cover, etc.), cooling system (radiator, intercooler, oil cooler), transmission components, turbo charger, etc.


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Boron Nitride Oil Additive


TSD BN oil additive works with any of the oils on the market that able to increase lubrication capacity gaining horse power and torque.

Protects your engine starting today.


Test report: TSD BN oil additive test


Boron Nitride Synthetic 10W-40 Oil


10W-40 is the common motor oil grade for the motorbike engines.  TSD cooperate with motor oil company and formulated to combine with formulated BN additive.


Product characteristics:

‧Reduce engine internal components friction/wear

‧Reduce hp loss due to friction

‧Quality synthetic, good thermal management and lubrication

‧Excellent acceleration respond

‧Best engine protection


Fire Proof High Temperature BN Grease


TSD high temperature fire proof BN grease is specially formulated using "hBN" and other high quality lubricants offering high temperature resistance, stability, and prevent oxidation.


TSD BN grease is suitable for all industries and various applications.  Please consult with TSD for your specific application needs and we will be happy to supply you the right formulation.


Car/Race Car

Passenger car, race car, bus, off road, truck, heavy machinery

Engine, radiator, condenser, turbo, etc.


2-stoke, 4-stoke, super-bike, scooter, off-road

Engine, radiator, oil cooler, transmission, etc.


Cargo, fishing, oil tanker, speed boat, racing boat

Engine, coolers, turbo, exhaust, etc.


Diesel turbo generator, etc.

Engine, radiator, cooling system, turbo, exhaust, etc.


TSD BN Coating for Automotive application


TSD BN Coating for Motorbike application

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