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This test conducted in Malaysia on February 13th & 19th, 2008.

Performance:  TSD Coating onto Mitsubishi Triton factory turbo intercooler allowing the improvement thermal management and result reduction intake temperature.

Lower intake temperature = more HP & Torque



Dyno Result with TSD BN Thermal Coated Intercooler

 After TSD Before 

Wheel Horse Power Increased:  (up to 3000 RPM)

14 hp+  

Wheel Horse Power Increased:  (3000-4200 RPM)

7 hp+  

Wheel Torque Max @ 3000 RPM

170 FtLb 145 FtLb

Wheel Torque Increased @ 2750 RPM

42% @ 2800 RPM 42% @ 2800 RPM


Work performed:  (Images)

Work descriptions:


Mitsubishi Triton was equipped with a front mount intercooler.  The stock intercooler was small in size.

  Type: DOHC 16-valve, in-line 4-cylinder diesel with turbo intercooler
  Displacement: 2,477 cc


Step 1:

A Triton (Stock) was selected for the dyno test for TSD thermal coated stock intercooler performance.
  Step 2:

Triton (Stock) was placed on dyno equipment for hp & torque pull on Feb. 13, 2008.
  Step 3:

Stock intercooler was removed for TSD thermal treatment.
  Step 4:

TSD thermal coated intercooler was assembled along with bumper for dyno run. 

Step 5:

Few days after TSD treatment allowing factory computer to re-calculate programming with cooler intake temperature.  Dyno was re-run on Feb. 19, 2008.





TSD BN thermal coating improves thermal management by conducting thermal transfer away from the heat source.





Reduce >10~30℃

High thermal conductivity

Increase performance and reliability by thermal management

Withstand up to (200℃~1500℃)

Increase air-to-surface cooling areas

Non-wetting surface

Good chemical inertness

Corrosion resistance

Oxidization resistance

Special thanks to Automotive Synergy Inc. Sdn. Bhd. providing test vehicle and dyno chart.

Automotive Synergy Inc. Sdn. is official TSD partner/distributor for Malaysia & Singapore.
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47400, Selangor
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