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TSD BN Product - Heat Sink Thermal Test



Heat Sink with TSD Coating thermal test

August 7, 2006


Compare two aluminum heat sinks thermal performance between one heat sinks with TSD BN Thermal Coating and one without.


The heat sink contacts incorporated with TSD BN thermal pads (4.77 W/mk) for best thermal conductivity between heat sink and warmer.



Warmer unit

180W Power


Base temperature Prob.



A cardboard divider also placed between both tested heat sinks preventing thermal soaking and heat radiation.



T1 (temperature 1) is placed on top of the heat sink measuring the heat sink temperature.


T2 (temperature 2) is placed on the warmer plate measuring the warmer plate temperature.


TSD BN thermal pad was placed between the heat sink and warmer plate.


Temperature recorded every 1 minute for 25 minutes.


Test Data

The test date recorded more than 5 ˚C lower on warmer base with TSD BN coated heat sink.  The average heat sink surface temperature measured 10˚C hotter.




Time (Min.)

Warmer Plate w/o

TSD Coating Heat Sink

Warmer Plate with TSD Coating Heat Sink Temp. Difference
20 162.6˚C 158.5˚C 4.1˚C
21 163.5˚C 158.2˚C 5.3˚C
22 163.0˚C 156.7˚C 6.3˚C
23 164.3˚C 158.7˚C 5.6˚C
24 162.2˚C 159.9˚C 2.3˚C
25 162.2˚C 158.5˚C 4.7˚C

Complete Test Data


What's the advantage/function choosing TSD BN Thermal Coating?


The BN coating heat sinks (whitish coating) greatly improves thermal management and quickly increase thermal capacity and reduce heat from the warmer plate.



TSD BN thermal coating improves thermal management by conducting thermal transfer away from the heat source.





Reduce >10~30℃

High thermal conductivity

Increase performance and reliability by thermal management

Withstand up to (200℃~1500℃)

Increase air-to-surface cooling areas

Non-wetting surface

Good chemical inertness

Corrosion resistance

Oxidization resistance





70ml   Red version

200ml  Red version

200ml  Blue version

or per customer request


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