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TSD BN Product - Cylinder Thermal Test



Cylinder heat with TSD Coating thermal test


Two 2006 Yamaha Cygnus 125 cylinder heads were selected for the TSD coating test.  Both cylinder heads are placed on the high power coffee mug warmer.  The cylinder head on the right was coated with TSD BN thermal coating red version.


To prevent unwanted heat absorbing causing inaccurate thermal reading, cardboard template perfectly fit and separate both cylinder heads apart to prevent heat soak generated from the warmer.  A cardboard divider also placed between both tested cylinder heads to prevent thermal soaking and heat radiation.


In addition, two round cut cardboards placed inside the cylinder.  Purpose is allow the generate heat contacted the cylinder only and prevent heat soak as much as possible for accurate test reading.


Temperature sensor placed and taped with aluminum tape inside the cylinder wall on each cylinder head and enclosed the cylinder opening with aluminum tape.


TSD BN Function

TSD BN thermal coating is an effectively method to conduct heat away from the hotter source to colder source.


The TSD coating surface will become hotter than the surface without TSD coating, and cooler at the heat source.  It is like having a fever, forehead will become warmer as a method of escaping over heat inside the body.


Test Conclusion

This test shown the cylinder head offers better thermal management with TSD BN coating.  The inner cylinder wall reads 8˚C lower than none TSD coating cylinder.  Better thermal management reduced alloy thermal expansion and able to provide better compression in high temperature working conditions.


  Cylinder w/o TSD Coating Cylinder with TSD Coating Temp. Difference
Room temp. 28˚C 28˚C 0˚C
Cylinder inner wall temp. 94.3˚C 86.3˚C 8˚C
Cylinder outer surface average temp. 76.3˚C 86.3˚C 10˚C





Most scooter engines are make of aluminum alloy and cooled by air.  Heat become an issue to most air cooled engine especially city commute, racing, or hot weather environment.


Alloy thermal expansion is major killer to engine reliability, horse power reduction, poor acceleration, poor top speed, and poor fuel economy.






What's the advantage/function choosing TSD BN Thermal Coating?


The BN coating cylinder head (whitish coating) greatly improves thermal management and quickly transfer the unwanted heat away from the source. 


1. Increase thermal conductivity

2. Reduce thermal expansion and regain compression

4. Save fuel

5. Prolong engine life

6. Better acceleration with cooler engine

The illustration showed the engine/cylinder head will expend in high temperature due to poor thermal management.  Compression will be lost resulting lost of horse power and reduce reliability.


The illustration above showed cylinder head reduce thermal expansion with better thermal management.



TSD BN thermal coating improves thermal management by conducting thermal transfer away from the heat source.





Reduce >10~30℃

High thermal conductivity

Increase performance and reliability by thermal management

Withstand up to (200℃~1500℃)

Increase air-to-surface cooling areas

Non-wetting surface

Good chemical inertness

Corrosion resistance

Oxidization resistance





70ml   Red version

200ml  Red version

200ml  Blue version

or per customer request



Car/Race Car

Passenger car, race car, bus, off road, truck, heavy machinery

Engine, radiator, condenser, turbo, etc.


2-stoke, 4-stoke, super-bike, scooter, off-road

Engine, radiator, oil cooler, transmission, etc.


Cargo, fishing, oil tanker, speed boat, racing boat

Engine, coolers, turbo, exhaust, etc.


Diesel turbo generator, etc.

Engine, radiator, cooling system, turbo, exhaust, etc.


Motorbike BN applications

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