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TSD also perform BN coatings or finished coating products.



TSD perform BN coating

TSD perform BN coating for many of our customers in various industries from electric thermal panels to coolers.  If you like us to perform BN coating for your products products, please feel free to contact us and send us a sample for pricing quote.


TSD supply fully finished BN coating products

TSD also supply many different design boron nitride thermal coated coolers for OEM applications.  We thank to our cooperated suppliers that incorporated TSD BN thermal coating in the productions.


TSD also work with motorbike and automotive industries to apply boron nitride thermal coating on many unique performance components.  These coatings are performed in a controlled environment with specific equipments.


Illustration of TSD fully finished BN coating coolers:


TSD provide BN coating work and fully finished products


1. Cut down insufficient coating skill

2. Quality assurance

3. Improve productivity

4. Improve competitive product


Please contact TSD for more information.


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