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2007 Motorsport

Motorbike Race [link]

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TSD continue supporting pro drivers/teams, manufactures internationally for year 2007 from Formula Cart,  Gymkhana, Off Road Rally, Road racing, Motorbike race events with great success.

TSD founder Mr. Stanley Liu was a former racer and driving instructor with passion in motorsport and lead the company product development in the motorsport industries.  TSD products successfully bring motorsport vehicles into next level achieving better thermal management and lubrication break through.

Logo "TSD" continue to spray out the motorsport communities and been rated the most valuable product for the teams.  Many top drivers/teams incorporate TSD badges on their apparels and vehicles being PROUD of a part of Team TSD.


All JAPAN GYMKHANA (2007~2006)



Mr. M. Nishihara has been top driver of All Japan Gymkhana champion for years.  A dedicated all time professional driver that been extensively as Bridgestone Tire test driver as well as organized own competition training school in Thailand have made his fame in Asia.

Nishihara has been most competitive driver in Asia that competed in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, etc.

Nishihara also successful trained rookie drivers in motorsport.


Nishihara TSD vehicle featured TSD thermal coating for greater improving thermal management for greater power output performance.



TSD thermal coating:


Front mount intercooler

Brake caliper

Engine components



The successful of M. Nishihara's accomplishment in ALL JAPAN GYMKHANA, his competition vehicle was selected by Bridgestone Motorsport photo shoot for the leaflet and 2007 Motorsport Calendar.


Mitsubishi Truck Thailand has won Thailand 4x4 RALLY feature TSD coated intercoolers.


Thailand is a beauty country and known to be hot climate up to 40 degrees C.


In such condition, heat is known to kill performance in most harsh environment.  With TSD coating intercooler helped to improved the intake temperature for greater power output and consistence cooling power throughout the race.


The coating has proven to be race ready and helped Mitsubishi truck rally team tuned performance to next level.



During the vehicle preparing, the intercoolers were removed from the race truck.

Cleaned and applied coating to assure best thermal capacity from the cooler.

The finished TSD coating protects the fins against dirt and small rocks from oxidization assure long term performance under race condition.



The finished intercooler nicely installed back to original location.




Mr. Isara Limthanetkul, an all time Thailand Gymkhana/autocross pro driver joined Team TSD for the 2007 Thailand Super Special co-sponsored by BFGoodrich.

The outstand driving performance has won many races in his racing career for many years.  He has competed professional throughout ASIA race events.


The vehicle featured full products with TSD including:


1.  Engine valve cover for better oil thermal management.

2.  Intake manifold for better intake air temperature reduction.

3.  Oil pan and transmission housing for improved oil temperature control.

4.  Brake caliper

5.  Coolers including radiator and oil cooler



Thailand Super Car race events is among most competitive and exciting races in Thailand.


The competition is so tense that winning is everything.  Many of the sponsors greatly benefit from race events.


Factory teams also plays an important role of the race as the image of the car maker will contribute greater sales in the market.


TSD products have found to be on many of of the top drivers/teams/factory cars in Thailand Super Car Race.  TSD coating helped to disperse the unwanted the heat from components in such competitive sport and resulting in improving the components' reliability and great power output which are the important elements to win race.


TSD have been the talks in the pits and proudly presented in the Thailand Super Car Race.

Competition vehicles incorporate TSD thermal coating products are all  proudly carrying TSD logo decals in race events.


TSD Flame design widely adopted by the motorsport enthusiasts as the sprite of Cool/Heat icon of TSD to race victory.


More and more teams are joining TSD Family motorsport network.  Please stay tune for more TSD logo vehicles.


THAILAND Yokohama Xtreme Drag Race (2007)


1st PLACE FINISH Class A - Congratulation!



10.17 second in 1/4 mile Yokohama Xtreme race over 40˚C was an impressive run time.


The vehicle incorporated with TSD thermal coating on intercooler to deal with extreme warm weather in this big horse power drag Subaru Impreza.


TSD continue making top finishes in drag races.  The appearance of TSD logo on race vehicles provides the "COOL" image of the standard coating must have for race vehicles.


Congratulate both drivers winning 1st and 4th in Class B



<-- Photo Left:

1st place finish Class B


Photo Right -->

4th place finish Class B



TSD coating on Formula V6 radiator found to provide extra cooling capacity in high power, high rev. Formula car engine.


The TSD provides better thermal capacity and management even vehicle racing  close behind other race vehicle with hot heat exited from exhaust and engine.


Further, the formula car engine is so sensitive to heat due to high engine rev. and insufficient air flow through radiator during corning.  TSD helped to improve cooling power even at insufficient air flow when needed.


TSD best wishes to Formula V6 Taiwan driver Mr. Hanss Lin to great races for 2007.


Images courtesy of team manager Barry Chen.