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If boron nitride coating can affectively increase the alloy thermal conductivity, the coating must able to increase the alloy surface temperature.  The higher the alloy surface temperature with BN coating must means that boron nitride coating affectively transferred (draw) the heat must inner alloy onto the alloy surface.  With fan or air flow to the alloy it should able to efficiently cooling the surface temperature, in which effectively achieve cooling the application.  For example, if the radiator able to transfer the hot coolant onto the core surface, then cool down by stream of air, the BN coating must able to increase the cooling capacity.




Due to difficulties removing the vehicle radiator, I decided to use the simplest test method, which applies BN coating onto the exhaust header of a 4-stroke motorcycle engine.  I can measure the before and after BN coating temperature temperatures differences for comparison.




Start up the engine and keep engine idle till the exhaust header maintain at the consistence temperature.  After 3 minutes the header surface temperature raise to 175 and maintained at the temperature.




With engine at idle, I sprayed the TopSpin boron nitride coating onto the engine header.  Took total of 30 seconds to complete the task.



Immediately re-measured the header surface temperature (surface coated with boron nitride).  30 seconds ago I measured 175℃ and after BN coating measured the surface temperature at 346℃.  Wow!  Unbelievable.  Is this real?  The BN coated surface raise almost 2 times.  All the staff members were shocked by the result!



Immediately measured the surface 2 inches behind the coated area (not coated with boron nitride), I got 135℃.  The result showed that BN coated header surface measured twice of temperature than no coated with boron nitride.  This proves that boron nitride has excellent thermo conductivity that effectively to transfer the heat inside the exhaust header onto the surface.  Boron nitride withstands temperature up to 1000℃~1800℃, therefore the white bn coating did not discolor due to 346℃ of surface temperature.


BN coating on exhaust header might not be a proper application.  Cooling the header temperature might disturb the exhaust hot air flow and negatively reducing the engine performance.  The test on exhaust header was only for convenience.


I recommend TopSpin boron nitride coating onto turbo charge body, radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, transmission coolers, power steering coolers, etc.  Any of application that requires cooling will benefit with BN coating.  Greater result on BN coated surface will be even greater with airflow such as fan or incoming air from vehicle moving.