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heat is one of major concern designing the high power lighting equipment.  TSD BN thermal coating provides excellent thermal solutions for the high power lighting equipment.


High power LED application generate tremendous heat at the modules.  Heat greatly reduces electronic component life.


TSD Boron Nitride ceramic thermal coating on housing, heat sinks, and related components help to extract heat away the modules quickly and efficiently.  Generally expecting 10~20 degree C temperature dropping for many applications depending on the design of thermal components.


Please link to some of the LED testing results by some of our customers.


Testing by Edison Taiwan


Testing by Nanowin Tech.


Also, there are other boron nitride related product that is adopted in the high power LED industries.


Boron Nitride thermal pads


Boron Nitride thermal grease




TSD BN Products




Lighting Housing

Lighting Heat Sink

Electronic Board


Thermal Pip



TSD BN thermal coating improves thermal management by conducting thermal transfer away from the heat source.




Reduce >10~30℃

High thermal conductivity

Increase performance and reliability by thermal management

Withstand up to (200℃~1500℃)

Increase air-to-surface cooling areas

Non-wetting surface

Good chemical inertness

Chemically inert

Corrosion resistance

Oxidization resistance

• SGS Approved


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