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TSD High Tech Boron Nitride products provides thermal solutions for electronic applications.  TSD technologies come together for our innovative thermal products and are simple to use and effective performance.


TSD Boron Nitride products are being used in many electronic applications.  TSD provides best BN technology and competitive pricing structures meet the greater demand for thermal solutions.


BN Thermal Coating


TSD Boron Nitride thermal coating is very simple to apply.  A thin layer of TSD coating effectively transfer heat from the source out to the surface.


(1)  High thermal conductivity

(5)  Oxidization resistance

(2)  High radiant heat transfer

(6)  Chemical inert

(3)  Withstand high temperature

(7)  Increase cooling surface

(4)  Electrical insulation

(8)  SGS approved

TSD BN thermal coating test (Edison Taiwan)

TSD BN thermal coating test (Nanowin Corp.)



BN Thermal Grease


TSD BN thermal grease offers thermal conductivity of 2.47 W/mk and suitable for CPU's, GPUs, chipsets, power components, and more.



BN Thermal Pad


The BN silicon thermal pads offer another solution to thermal interface material achieving 4.77 W/mK thermal conductivity.



Hot Pressed Solid


TSD offers hot pressed BN solids that can be achieved in may shapes and sizes for the market demand.



High thermal conductivity

Increase performance and reliability by thermal management

Improved high temperature electrical insulation reduction in sticking and reaction in setter plate applications

Withstand up to (200℃~1800℃)

Increase air-to-surface cooling areas

Non-wetting surface

Good chemical inertness

Corrosion resistance

Oxidization resistance







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