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Best engine protection money can buy.


TSD formulated a new BN motor oil combine advanced technology boron nitride additive with leading motor oil.  This new advanced technology formulation provides unmatched performance for today's engines. 







 Protects Engine


Lower Fuel Consumption



 Easy to Start


Reduce Engine Heat Buildup



 Excellent Lubrication


Increase HP & Torque



 Reduce Engine Noise


Reduce Engine Wear






TSD BN Oil Additive is formulated with unique friction properties.  Utilizing the hexagonal bn plate act as super slick plate between two surfaces that has no wear and result in co-efficient and friction temperature reduction.


Plate friction is known to provide better torque and less wear than any of the round spherical shape particles.


Less friction meaning more power and less heat generated.






Other Lubrication Particles are generally group into spherical shape particles, which are most commonly used in lubrication.  When the torque is being applied, the spherical particles will be squeeze away that result poor lubrication and increase friction and wear.


Image that if you lay ping balls on the ground, initially they become very slippery, but they will squeeze away as soon as you step on them.


Unmatched performance

The advantage of the BN motor oil provides un-matched inorganic lubricating power that give an indefinite life.






SAE 10W-40, API SL





Leading brand synthetic motor oil

TSD BN Additive




1 liter


TSD BN Coating for Automotive application


TSD BN Coating for Motorbike application


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