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TSD provide complete cosmetic BN powder grades for all cosmetic applications.

Boron Nitride (BN) has become a popular cosmetic ingredient because of its unique combination of silky feel, skin adhesion, and proccessability. It is widely used in a variety of formulations including; concealers, eye preparations, lipsticks, and skin care products. Therefore, it is beneficial to know how the optical properties of BN will influence the soft focus effect. There are a large number of BN powders commercially available which are optimized for properties such as slip, skin adhesion, and oil adsorption. BN is one of the most "tailorable" cosmetic ingredients available today. Optimizing BN for a particular application involves changing the particle size, shape, and particle surface features. Because these changes influence the optical properties, a number of different types were selected for this review.



The optical properties of Boron Nitride are approximately the same as the more common ingredients used for achieving a soft focus effect. Because BN is a useful raw material for a variety of applications, there is a wide range of powders available commercially. Although there is much more complexity to the optical properties than could be discussed here, there are a couple of useful general patterns which have emerged. To increase the direct transmission, the particle size or particle "smoothness" must be increased. To increase scattered reflection, the particle should be rough and/or small. Finally, to achieve the lowest specular reflection, the particle size should be decreased.


The "ideal" soft focus cosmetic ingredient would have high direct transmission, high scattered reflection, and low specular reflection. Although none of the BN grades (or any other single filler or formulation enhancer powder) meet all of these requirements; choices can be made which provide an excellent compromise between soft focus and other desirable properties of BN such as lubricity and skin adhesion.


Cosmetic Boron Nitride (BN) powder is a primary raw material for a wide range of cosmetic and skin care formulations including foundations, concealers, lipsticks, face and body powders, eye color, blushes, sunscreens and moisturizers.


Oil Absorption Test


Oil Absorption Value





Titanium Dioxide


Bismuth oxvchloride


Cosmetic Boron Nitride




Percentages of Boron Nitride Powders Applied in Cosmetic Formulations


Lip and eye pencils


Face and body powder


Eye shadow/blushes






Skin care lotions





Solar IR Spectra


Solar IR radiation has become an increasing matter of concern. It is well known that solar UV wave lengths are harmful to healthy skin and result in increasing incidence of skin cancer, premature skin aging and other undesirable  changes. Less is known about the effects of solar IR radiation which accounts for over half of the solar output.

Solar Spectra Radiation


% within Range

<200 (UV)


200-400 (Solar UV)


400-700 (Visible)


700-3000 (Near IR)


3000-6000 (Mid IR)


6000-10,000 (Far IR)


?10,000 (Far IR)



Reports state that IR radiation "can increase ultra-violet induced skin carcinogenesis as well as produce direct skin-aging changes" and "acute and chronic effects of IR and the interaction with UVR suggest that sunscreens should offer protection against UVR and IR."



Enhanced adherence
smoother and softer feeling products
Improved payoff and spreadability
Extended wear
Soft focus properties
IR absorption

Wider range oil absorption
Improved compressibility for pressed powders

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